I’ve done some research and drawn some conclusions. Check back – Someday I’ll actually have this whole thing up and running.

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and Prove It.

This section will someday direct you to surnames, places, time periods, and resources. I’ll be that time traveler who keeps dropping names, and you’ll be the time traveler hoping he didn’t forget his towel.

Wherever possible, I will supply links to evidence supporting the facts given on this site. Site cites, if you will.

Where possible, I have linked to free and publicly available sources. The researcher will find images of vital records, government documents, miscellaneous papers, and books in the public domain, as well as books written by family members.

Here are a few books written by or about progenitors:

Reminiscences of Rev. Donald Kennedy Campbell (1933)
O.E. Goddard’s A Manual of Missions for Laymen (1907)  (dedication to Rebecca Aylette Taylor Dowdle contains genealogical data)
The Robinson Family, by Laura Pemberton Robinson (c1917)
Rogers of Ouachita County, Ark. (1998) by B. Rogers Smith

And here are some privately held documents that provide proof:

Hollis-Smith Bible
Reinhardt-Harshaw Bible


I’m obsessed with genealogy and I spend lots of hours researching people, places, and times. I just hope that someday someone can find my research and put it to good use.


Email me at anne@aramink.com for now. Someday there will be a special contact point just for genealogy. Maybe.